Simple interest

Compound and simple growth

Interest: compound & simple

Reflection in the x-axis

Reflection in the y-axis

Reflection in a line

Reflection in the x-axis (triangle)

Reflection in the y-axis (triangle)

Translation of a point: horisontal

Translation of a point: vertical

Translation of a triangle: horisontal

Translation of a triangle: vertical

Rotation: point

Rotation: triangle

Rotation: point (k.90)

Rotation (triangle): k.90

Drag the vertices of ΔABC and select the angle of rotation.

Rotation: formula

Rotation: matrix

Dilation: enlargement or reduction

Coordinates of a point

Distance: vertical & horisontal

Distance (length of segment)

Distance formula

Midpoint of a line segment

Midpoint formula

Slope of a line

Slope formula

A point on a line

Equation of a line: y-intercept

Equation of a line: two points

Angle of inclination

Slopes: parallel & perpendicular lines

Equation of a circle: (0, 0) as centre

Equation of a circle: any centre

Tangent to a circle

Definition: sin x

Definition: cos x

Definition: tan x

Table: y = sin x

Table: y = cos x

Table: y = tan x

Unit circle: sin-graph

y = a.cosx + q

y = a.sinx + q

y = a.tanx + q